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The Whimsical

Portraits and Novels


Available February 10th at 10 am EST.

My Whimsical Portraits Series began with an oil sketch of my husband from our trip to Valle Crucis last fall. I was looking to play and the sketch invigorated me. After this many more pieces flowed from me and demanded to be created, I was loving every minute of these sweet oil portraits. I utilized photos of myself as references from past trips and moments where I felt truly happy and myself.

hese pieces became emotional for me because I could see myself in a different way in the form of the oils. I saw a girl that I needed to be kinder to and could see how hard she tries. These were not meant to be self portraits, but they made me feel grace towards myself and maybe some healing. I think these pieces are a symbol of strength and not being so hard on ourselves; An invitation to see ourselves through God's eyes and not our own. While I did use photos of myself to create these pieces, I believe you will see something entirely different that speaks to you on a personal level. I love you fellow dreamer.  

Whimsical Portraits and Objects

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