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Kaitlin Marler

Hello dreamer! Welcome to my small world of whimsy. I am an oil painter, textile designer, writer and framer that has found my home in Charleston! I capture the whimsical world around me that is the Low Country through adventures in marshes, local vineyards and swamps. 

I was trained as a textile designer in my studies at The College of Textiles in Raleigh, NC. I fell in love with painting even more during this time. After graduating, I moved to Charleston and took a full time position in an art gallery in the French quarter. For four years I learned how to conduct business in the art world; Participating in all aspects from building frames to selling artwork. Now I pursue my own business of Kaitlin’s Whimsy full time. 

Kaitlin’s Whimsy is a place for the dreamers of the world to find whimsical and impressionistic artwork. Paintings that are obtainable, quality, inspired and full of light. Inspiration is found from exploring real places around the low country of Charleston. In my home studio I paint through my whimsical lens of these places using oil paints on canvas, raw canvas, and birch wood panels.

Kaitlin’s Whimsy was born out of faith and perfect timing. I had just recently moved into my first real studio when I was presented with so many books, podcasts, and answers to prayers that all pointed to the fact that this dream of mine is real. I am called to co-create with God with the gifts that he has so graciously given me. To communicate that we can overthrow the secular world with light, wonder, and whimsy. Thank you for stopping into my online gallery! 

If you’d like to shop my work in person I am at the Sea Island Farmers Market on Johns island every Saturday from 9:30-1:30! 

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