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"Prayer Walking in Rivendell" 24" x 36"

"Prayer Walking in Rivendell" 24" x 36"

-This piece is inspired by my prayer walks and my newfound love for the Lord of the Rings series. I started reading this series and going for prayer walks around the exact same time not knowing that the author, Tolkien went for prayer walks as well. This felt like a gift and I was so inspired.


What drew me into his writings so much was his ability to create such beautiful and true imagery of heaven within the Lord of the Rings world. Stories of talking animals, clapping and walking trees, and rushing water taking the form of creatures I believe are true prophecy into what our true home in heaven looks like and that’s what this piece is about.


I see the elven girl in the right hand corner with the Holy Spirit surrounding her, walking peacefully in confidence in her identity as a child of God. I see waterfalls flowing from her which I did not intend to do when I painted her and that’s why this process is so beautiful. It unfolds in ways that we cannot even plan. I’m reminded of the verse “whoever believes in me as the scripture has said, out his heart will flow rivers of living water”✨


I see the tree in the left hand corner filled with the beautiful colors of trees that I’ve stood and stared at on my prayer walks. Tolkien would sometimes stop and stare at the same tree for 30 minutes. This tree also reminds me of the scenes in Rivendell and all the beautiful fall colors and rich reds and auburns. The tree has deep roots and stands on a solid foundation.


I see the beautiful full moon that I sometimes see on my walks against a blue Carolina sky. A gorgeous reminder that the moon has always looked the same ever since it began, much like Jesus. A reminder of all things living, moving, breathing, that we are blessed with another day that was not promised but has arrived.


-24" x 36" original oil painting on lightly gessoed raw cotton canvas.


-1.5" sides.


-Comes unframed.

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