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“Quiet Time” 21” x 27”

“Quiet Time” 21” x 27”

-21” x 27” original oil painting on stretched, gessoed, raw canvas.

-1.5” painted sides.

-Comes unframed.

-Signed by Kaitlin.

-Painting will arrive via UPS ground and will be insured.

- “Quiet Time” reveals unseen imagery of what is happening while I spend time with the Lord each morning. There is something bigger happening around me than I can even begin to understand as I reside here at my little round table.

This is the place where I go to be refreshed, renewed, and strengthened each morning, especially after the nightmares I experience almost every night. I am filled with peace the moment I sit down with my coffee, light my candle, and open Gods word. The first word I read reminds of who I am again in an instant. A child of God. I have been fixated on the scripture where Jesus tells the disciples that He did not come to bring peace but a sword. This table is my battle ground where I renew my mind in the Lords word and prepare for all the Lord has for me that day.

All my life I heard that the closer you get to Jesus the closer you actually get to yourself. This year I’ve surrendered old habits to the Lord and have found myself closer to Him than ever and my time with Him is where I continue to uncover myself amidst the beautiful mystery and truth that He is.

The creation I get to experience around me in this place catches my breath every morning. Owls flying around with their huge wingspans, the little brown birds seeking breakfast, cardinals singing songs, they remind me that the Lord is a provider and I can see His love in these creatures. The sun coming through the trees is like light shining through a diamond displaying the most beautiful glitter effect. I’m reminded that while this is so beautiful, there is more beauty than I can imagine in heaven.

All this to say I am madly in love with the Lord which is everything I could ever want. I’ve watched things that I used to find fulfillment in and joy in take a back seat and I’m not upset about it at all. There is nothing compared to being ALIVE in the Lord alone ✨

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